Salon Etiquette


Be honest about your hair history. Don’t lie to your stylist about what chemicals you have used on your hair previous to your visit. There is no need to be embarrased about the fact that you have used drug store hair dyes or other home chemical treatments. Your stylist isn’t asking to judge you, they are asking because it can affect the outcome of any new treatment on your hair if they aren’t properly informed.

If you cannot make it to your appointment, make sure you call the salon. What we want is at least 48-hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment, so that it gives the stylist the opportunity to fill that spot up. And whatever you do, don’t no show! If an emergency comes up and it is last-minute, give the salon a courtesy call and explain the situation so that the stylist can at least be open for a walk-in client.

Don’t feel obligated to talk. Chatting and getting your hair done go very well together, but if you don’t enjoy that don’t feel like you have to talk just because. Stylists usually chat all day long, so it is abit of a nice break if a client just wants to enhoy the experience in a bit of silence.